Designed with Balance

As a first-generation Vietnamese-American, the story of my parents carries the weight
of struggle and sacrifice. Along with millions of others, they were forced to flee their 
home—uncertain about their future.

To honor the sacrifice made by those before me, I sought to tell their story, so that future generations have the opportunity to connect with their origins.
Term: Fall 2020 
Type: Personal Project 
Focus: CMF Project
Duration: 8 Weeks

My parents didn’t have any other option but to escape from Vietnam

Low plastic stools are ubiquitously found throughout Vietnam

The same stool has followed my life in America and we use them almost the exact same way

With my parents being Buddhist, I wanted to take inspiration from the Pagoda because it represents balance, in both philosophy and form

My parents have worked tirelessly to establish
a business and solidify our lives in America, I wanted to
pay homage by creating stools made from steel and
mahogany as opposed to a cheap plastic

| Crossing Over |

| Written Scars |


| Lam Pack |

| Guardian |

”Because it’s about culture. Culture brings knowledge. Knowledge opens up to consciousness, and consciousness a sense of responsibility. So when you have culture, it’s very easy to arrive at a sense of responsibility. A sense of responsibility is thinking about the others, not yourself”