1984, that’s when Murcia Prada first introduced the iconic nylon bag. Since then, Prada has always been at the forefront of creating luxury from unconventional materials exploring innovative ways of future fabrication while always empowering women.

 The Merge

Prada Ascend is an homage to the empowering representation of women through the lens of Prada and climbing.

Unlike, the majority of sports that only focus on the men’s division, Climbing has pushed a different narrative where the womens competition is as exciting as mens. Female athletes in climbing are able to showcase their competitive ferocity and achieve remarkable feats.

Gritty Chic

What’s Prada Sexy merged with the gritty climbing?

Climbing is one sport that represent women athletes well.
Let’s empower that and merge it with Prada.

Aren’t Climbing shoes
strangely beautiful?

It’s got such unorthodox proportions. Why
don’t we make an athleisure shoe for Prada?

Hyperbolic midfoot arch
Exaggerated Tapers
from forefoot to heel 
Rubber wrap


Who’s is she?

she’s ambitious
she’s tenacious
she’s confident